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What’s the perfect treat for the end of a ball game? Well, Kona Ice, of course! The players love it. The coaches love it. The parents love it. Because what’s not to love? It’s a great way to keep the crowd refreshed during the game and the perfect reward for the players after. You can book Kona Ice for every game or just for tournaments and special events. It’s up to you!

And now, we even have a healthy Performance + Blend that is infused with B vitamins. Our isotonic performance blend replenishes lost electrolytes after exercise. Filled with vital nutrients and B vitamins, this product supports brain function and is perfect for your little athlete’s fun and active lifestyle. Plus, it tastes delicious!

*Performance + Blend available only in participating locations.

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Want to be the best coach ever? Book us for all your games this season. A refreshing shaved ice is a great treat for the crowd, but it’s also an excellent reward for your athletes after the game too! And, we can also fundraise for your team as well. Having Kona Ice out more often guarantees more money for your team at the end of the season.


Kona Ice is a great motivation for kids to work hard in practice. Knowing that they’re going to get that fluffy snow cone at the end of all that hard work makes them work just a little harder. Plus, you get to look like the hero because you called the Kona truck!


Looking for a fun treat for all the teams in your league at this year’s tournament? I’m willing to bet that Kona Ice is the best shaved ice truck in your area for just such a thing. All the kids and parents will love that they get to put their own flavors on their very own shaved ice. And Kona just adds a little something to every event. So, why not yours?

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