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Are you always looking for something exciting to do for your kids and staff? Well, there’s nothing more exciting than a Kona Ice shaved ice truck pulling into the parking lot of your daycare! Trust me, the kids will LOVE it. And you know what? Your staff will love it too! It’s really a no-brainer because everyone loves shaved ice.

Have us out once a week during the summer or book us for an open house. It’s your choice! We have pre-paid Kona Kards that make payment easy for parents and the experience better for you. We even have an activity booklet that brings the Kona characters to life in your classroom! So when the Kona truck pulls up, all their animated friends are there to greet them.

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During the summer, you can request to have Kona Ice out every week! The kids look forward to their shaved ice every week and you suddenly become THE daycare in your community. You can’t beat that!


Let’s face it, the Kona Ice truck is an eye-catching wonder with all it’s colors and characters and man, that music - it just makes you want to dance! It’s great to attract attention for your open houses and it’s a fun experience for the kids and parents who come to visit your daycare.

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