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Show us where to park and who to make the check out to. I know, it sounds too easy - but it’s true! We’ve raised over $17 million dollars all across the country since 2007. So yeah, fundraising is our thing. The best part about it truly is that it’s so easy - for you AND for us. Fundraising should be a great experience for everyone involved - it should be fun! Which is why we strive to put the “fun” back in fundraising. We can fundraise for just about anything - schools, sports teams, band programs, etc. We have pre-paid Kona Kards you can sell OR you can have us out at any event and we’ll donate a portion of the sales back to your program. Basically, if you have a need, we’ll try and meet it as best as possible. We’re a fundraising machine - literally.

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We’re an amazing fundraising tool for schools AND the kids love it. Who doesn’t love some shaved ice fun and the opportunity to raise some money for your school? We do events during the school day, but also events outside of school hours. Our main goal is to make your school a better school because Kona Ice was involved.


Looking for a fundraising idea for your sports team? Look no further. Call the Kona Ice truck to come serve up some delicious shaved ice for your team and earn some money to help purchase anything you need - jerseys, equipment or even an end of the year party.


We really will raise money for just about anything. We’ve helped build playgrounds, bought jerseys for teams, filled a computer lab with computers - the list goes on. Don’t think your fundraising goal is too big or too small. Kona Ice is about helping people in our community. So, if what you’re looking to raise money for helps those in need, consider us your best fundraising option. After all, it all started with one shaved ice truck - and now we’re over $17 million!


Since fundraising is so much about what we do and who we are, we decided to call it something. And that something is flavor our world. What does it mean to flavor our world exactly? So glad you asked! In short, it just means to care about the needs of those people in your community and to do something about it. We’ve got programs galore to help out with this initiative. You can read more about what it means to flavor our world and the programs we have available here, One shaved ice can make a world of difference. You’ll find some heartwarming stories too that are part of our Kona Kares program. Watch these short videos to see how franchisees all across the country are affecting change in their local communities.

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