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Allergen Statement - Kona Ice, Inc. does not manufacture flavorings, ice cream, or other products sold by our franchisees. While all flavorings must be purchased from suppliers approved by us, we cannot guarantee that those flavorings do not contain allergens. Likewise, ice cream products are supplied to our franchisees by various ice cream suppliers and often contain nuts and other allergens. Kona Ice, Inc. does not guarantee that products sold by our franchisees are allergen free.

Our franchisees typically offer ice cream products that contain allergens, including, but not limited to, nuts, peanuts, nut oils, wheat, gluten, and other allergens. Our franchisees are independent business owners. They typically use a common service area for ice, ice cream, flavorings, and other products offered for sale. Since there is no dedicated equipment for processing, there is always the additional potential for cross contamination of allergens. We recommend that all persons with peanut or other food allergies not consume our products.

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