The Mini

We took the truck and we shrunk it down - way down.

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It’s the cutest little Kona truck you ever did see with the same amazing experience you get with the KEV. Sometimes our wild and wonderful Kona truck can be a little too big for an outdoor event. Bummer, because we hate to miss out on any of the fun! Hey, no worries! We just compacted it and kept all the good parts. In the grass, by the pool, at the ballpark - back us into any tight spot and we’re ready to serve up some fun, pronto! Want to bring the beach party inside? Done. Kona’s gone mini so he can drive through any door, anywhere and set up for that amazing getaway experience folks love.

We liken the Kona Mini to a bite-sized candy bar - it’s just the right size! And, it’s so versatile. It works in so mini ways!
The Mini
Mini Features


The Kona Mini has everything the truck has except the engine. Okay, so that’s a bit of a stretch. But I bet you didn’t know that the Mini can serve 1,000 people, it’s wired with the same speakers so you can still dance to those tropical tunes, it has two Flavorwaves, the same eye-catching graphics and four wheels - just like the truck!

Inside Mini


That’s right, you can have shaved ice inside. Who knew? The Kona Mini is perfect for those events that just happen to take place indoors. Just because you’re inside, doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun, tropical party! With the Kona Mini, we bring the fun to you.

Outside Mini


The Kona Mini is great for inside, but it’s equally as good outdoors. We’ve seen the Kona Mini at youth sports games, at weddings and even poolside chillin’ with peeps. If your event is in a tight spot, the Kona Mini is the perfect fit for you. Because sometimes the truck is just too big.

More Questions?

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