Kona Ice and schools go together like peanut butter and jelly!

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Working with Kona Ice is just simple math. Kona Ice + fundraising = quick, easy, fun money for your school! Our main goal is to make your school a better school simply because Kona Ice was involved. What can we help you raise money for?

We do events during the school day, but we can also do things outside of school hours. Use as a monthly fundraiser for Kona Days or maybe just as a reward for a job well done. Your students and teachers will absolutely love having the Kona Ice truck pull up to the school!
School Fundraisers
Smart Snack Approved

Smart Snack Approved

Our shaved ice product is not only delicious, it's nutritious too! That's right. It's packed full of Vitamins C & D and has fruit as the first ingredient. The kids won't know they're actually eating something good for them! For more info visit our Nutrition page.

Kona Days

Kona Days

Is your school on a mission to raise some serious funds? If so, have Kona Ice out monthly! We've been doing monthly Kona Days since we started and it's a huge part of the millions of dollars we give back every year.

Kona Truck

A Fun Reward

Sure, we can help you fundraise, but we're more than too! We're a great reward for good behavior or perfect attendance. We'll be sure to bring the party to your school!

More Questions?

If you have more questions about booking Kona Ice, the best way to start is by contacting your local Kona franchise! Find a Kona near you: Find A Kona